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On my E4; download manager is preloaded and works fine. On my wifes G6; it is not preloaded. Downloading from the Playstore and opening; it appears loaded with extranious stuff that we don’t want: What to do?

Hi @potters.4rsmut

I recommend you delete that app. Then see if your phone has an app called “Files”. Open that to see your downloads.

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Hi @potters.4rsmut,

I believe Download Manager is a system app on your wife’s phone, so may be hidden from your view when looking at Apps on her phone. The only time I see Download Manager on my G6 Play is when Google’s Play Store is updating apps.

Would you be able to provide more context surrounding the above extraneous stuff?

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Google insights, get subscriptions, some oil company. Haven’t gotten to the AP yet, looks like a hand of playing cards.

Downloads is not an ap on this phone. I can access ( chrome… downloads) access the downloads, that is.

I just want to put an icon on the screen to enable a search of previous downloads.

Hello @potters.4rsmut
on new OS build the download folder app was renamed to files, opening this files app the default fold should be the download (though it may just be last folder which for me is the download folder)
the files app should be found in the app drawer (without needing to download another app)
it can be placed on any home screen

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Thank you all; All set.

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