Download photo from phone


What phone do you have? moto g6

What plan are you on? I don’t know

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? data

Issue Description

When I use the usb connected
to my computer My computer says it cannot find my phone. it is turn on and awake


The easiest way to download a photo is to go to and download it from there. This assumes you have your phone set to back up photos to Google Photos.


I want to get them on my computer not google


Your phone may already be backing up to Google. If it is, you’ll find your photos at the link provided by @cbwahlstrom Go to that URL from the computer and if your pictures are there you could then download them to your computer.




I tried the google thing I see all the photos except the ones I took a couple of days ago


Why can’t I see the most recent photos


Open the Photos app on your phone. Are the photos there? Is there a message in the top right that says backing up? I’ve found that my Photos app doesn’t always regularly upload photos. Sometimes I open the Photos app to trigger the upload.


I see them on the phone. Said waiting for back up. I did it now they are there. How can I just back them up directly to my computer without google. My last phone did it without any issues


Can’t get them off google. Can’t even drag them off


Select the pictures you want to download, click the three dots on the top right of the screen, select “download”

This generally means the phone isn’t on wifi and Photos is waiting for a wifi connection to do the backup.


Usually, the reason your computer doesn’t find the phone is because after you connect, you need to double swipe down the from the top, and at the very bottom there’s a mention that the phone is connected for charging-only. You need to tap that and then select to connect for file or photo transfers.


Thank you. This seems like what I needed to know. I will have to try is again and hope I see this. Thanks

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