Download RW App From Republic Directly

I’d like to request that Republic make their app available without the requirement to use the Google Play Store. I know. Fat chance, right? But really. Is it so hard to put an APK file on a server? (It’s not.)

So you log in to your google account to update RW. You update RW. You log out of google and Whammmo! You get your offline contacts deleted for no reason. That’s OK. I keep the VCF files on phone for exactly this reason.

I know. I know. Stop staring at the walls of the walled garden like you think there is actually something like freedom on the other side.

My point? Google is making my Republic Wireless experience worse!

While I don’t share the same sentiment as you on Google, I have also asked years ago for the APK to be available elsewhere so I don’t have to wait for the staggered roll outs from Google. I personally don’t see the Google requirement changing anytime soon.


I use a second unactivated phone to download any apps I need from Google. I then bluetooth (myappsharer) them over to my activated phone which does not have a Google account associated with it. A phone without a Google account is a better phone. There are enough things in the world that track me and my phone doesn’t need to be one of them.

It has always surprised me that RW doesn’t provide a direct link to the APK. Google is a completely unnecessary middleman to keeping the APK updated.

I’d rather use the Google Play Store, but apk files are available elsewhere:

I don’t know if i would call that a trusted source.

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