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My phone will not allow me to open and read downloaded documents. (I can see that they are/have downloaded).I have disabled the following apps to save storage room:cloud print,drive,exchange services,google pinyin input,google play music,google+,hangouts,moto, motorola migrate,user dictionary. Are any of these responsible to downloads and do I need to re-enable them?I have not disabled downloads or download manager so not sure why i can’t pull up the downloads and read them.

What type of documents are they? Google Drive has options to open several different file types. You might want to re-enable it. Other than that, you’ll need to have the right type of viewer installed for the documents you want to view.

like for instance if I am looking at a menu site for a restaurant it often downloads the menu but then can’t open it to read it.

So that could be a bunch of different file types, but the most common is probably a .pdf. If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader the Google Drive app could probably open it for you, if it weren’t disabled.

Okay I re enabled the google drive. Is Adobe Acrobat Reader an app to download?

Yes, it is.

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