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Google Play Music is being discontinued. It’s replacement, YouTube Music, is not for me. I like to download MP3 files from my desktop to my phone for listening, and then delete them when finished. Is there another way to do this? I have a Moto E5 Play.

If you want something simple and ad free that only plays local MP3 files, Musicolet works pretty well.

Hi @davidb.ebb5ai and welcome to the Community!

There are a wide variety of music player apps for Android. I use:

I’ve been using Google Play Music with Republic Wireless because it was easy to not use data while listening to audio. You could easily upload your music/books/whatever to google play music, and these could then be downloaded to your phone for offline listening that would not use any data.

But Google Play Music is being discontinued, and its replacement, Youtube Music, requires a monthly subscription for offline listening that I have no desire to pay.

Are there any apps which are free or require a one-time purchase which would allow me to continue to manage playlists and listen to music offline without data use?

Any suggestions welcome.


Welcome to the community. There is another discussion going on regarding offline music players at:

It does appear to me that YouTube Music can still be used to play local files on your phone without a subscription. Instructions for enabling that feature are described in the following article:

As a long time subscriber to Google Play Music, I’m not enamored with YouTube Music. Hopefully it will get better with time.

Hi @andrewp.h2zur0

You are not the only person reporting this. It looks like Google is aware of this but there is no reported response.

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