Downloading podcasts on Moto G3

Hi- I have a Moto G3. I want to download podcasts. One says “right cllick to download.” Where and how do I do this on the cell? I can hear the the p’cast if I log into the site each time, but I want to download some p’casts.

And, is there a way to make folders for different podcasts on the Moto G3?

Thank you, Fran

See here for instructions to download and listen to your podcasts offline using Google Play Music

Listen to podcasts with Google Play Music - Google Play Help

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There are many ways to consume podcasts on your phone.

Google play music is one as mentioned in an earlier comment.

I for one prefer the Pocket Casts app Google Play Store link

It allows you to auto download podcasts or stream them on cell.
It also lets you set the podcasts to auto-download only on wifi which I find useful for news podcasts that come out in the morning so I never use data on my commute.

There is also a setting to auto delete after you have downloaded a certain number of podcasts.


Hope this late answer was helpful.

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Thank you! I 'll check this out.


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