Doze Detect & keeping RW Awake to take Calls

MotoZ4, Data Plan

I just got a MotoZ4 (upgraded from MotoZ3. I put Doze Detect 0.9.5 (MacroDroid script) on both phones. On the new phone I notice from the MacroDroid log that DozeDetect is firing every few seconds. For example:

13:02:58 Invoking Macro: DozeDetect 0.9.5
13:02:55 Invoking Macro: DozeDetect 0.9.5
13:02:47 Invoking Macro: DozeDetect 0.9.5

This seems like it would be sucking battery to death. Is this how the script is supposed to work?!

Attached is a screen shot of my DozeDetect settings. There are no constraints set.


Yep, you caught me … but you’re not the first :slight_smile:
This was previously detected, and fixed and the doc Managing Doze Mode - calls received via cell, go to voicemail or are missed (phone is on WiFi) as well as the repository level of the Template has been updated to 0.9.6

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Hi jben,

First off I cannot thank you enough for writing this macro in the first place… what a difference it makes!!! And to make things even better you continue to improve on it all the time.

Kudos to you!


Actually this is just one of the many Tips & Tricks - Member Community that are available to the Community. All of them are the result of individual users that have collected information from problems that have been presented and documented the results to help our fellow users. Without the feedback from users, the marking of an offered Solution as Correct and help from the good folks Republic these things would never exist.


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