DriveFi is now available the Google Play Store


you do NOT need to buy Tasker. the only purchase required is the autolocation plugin.
i bought tasker to build this and export it as a standalone app. once exported it no longer requires tasker to operate.


Couldn’t find DriveFI now from Google Play store.



Where is DriveFi? I just factory reset my MotoX and need this again before I see another one of those Xfinity screens while I am driving and the phone can’t do anything!


I found it on the interwebs… why is it not in Google’s store anymore? Has this been replaced with a new app?

Thanks for DriveFi!! Goodbye annoying and destructive Xfinity logins!!


Last I heard newer OS builds has cause issues and it had to come down, I do believe it’s creater has not had time to fix them
@bitflung would know for sure as it’s his program