Dropped calls, audio issues, text messages don't send

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Moto G5 plus
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My Choice + 1 GB
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Issue Description

My service lately has been terrible. Just all around terrible. Calls are dropped frequently when I’m driving or even sometimes just at home. Sometimes the call won’t drop but it will lose all sound, as if it was put on mute. Sometimes one party can hear, sometimes none can. This will often lead to a dropped call but not always. This has been happening with over 50% of my calls. Texts have also been failing to send frequently and I have to try multiple times to get the to go, even when I’m on wifi or it says I have service! The coverage map says my part of the country should have amazing coverage. I have been a customer of Republic for 6 years, and although service has never been perfect, I considered it the cost I was paying for a low monthly bill. Lately though it has me rethinking because the issue has not gotten any better over those years, in fact I think it’s worsened. Can anything be done or is this just the cost of cheap monthly service?

Hi @rebeccal.s6q7ox,

As starting points, presuming you’re comfortable sharing here, might we trouble you for a zip code to double-check coverage for you? Please also let us know which SIM type your Moto G5 Plus is provisioned with. Here’s how to tell:

Zip is 45504, but I have major issues driving between there and 45415. And basically everywhere else.

And my SIM type is GSM

Hi @rebeccal.s6q7ox,

Weak cellular signal strength may, at least in part, explain your experience. Please allow me to provide some context regarding Republic’s coverage options. Republic provisions cellular coverage with one of two network partners. One partner operates a GSM network and is T-Mobile. Republic’s other partner operates a CDMA network and is Sprint. T-Mobile and Sprint have merged, however, the networks remain separate. Cellular coverage is provisioned with one network or the other not both simultaneously.

While both networks offer nationwide coverage, the coverage offered by one may be superior to the other in given areas. In and around the two zips you were kind enough to share, generally CDMA (Sprint network) coverage is superior to GSM (T-Mobile network) coverage. With GSM, there are pockets of “fair” signal strength coverage. “Fair” signal strength coverage would explain the experience when out and about. To request a change in provisioned coverage, please follow the steps outlined by Republic here:

Cellular signal strength would not explain any issues when connected to WiFi. Are those restricted to your home WiFi network alone? Or, is the experience shared on more than one WiFi network?

Thank you!

The texting issue is happening at home and at work, and occasionally other places as well… Usually restarting my phone helps, but lately not always. Some family members have reported the same problem on their home or work wifi.

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