Dropped calls on WiFi to a landline number

What phone do you have? Samsung Galaxy S8

What plan are you on? One year

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Talk & Text

Issue Description

After a few minutes of conversation I loose the connection. I am on WiFi the other end is on land line. This has been a problem for some time now. Have tried reboot, nothing seems to make any difference.
  • Is this one particular phone number your calling, a particular Area/Prefix or all calls?
  • If you call the same person via cell, does it drop or remain connected?
    • You can use the handover to cell feature to test. (RW App / :settingsicon: Settings / Advanced Settings … then check allow manual handover. Place call, then handover to Cell and continue testing

Any calls, mostly landline, some calls will be to or from cell phones. Most of my calls are from my home office on wifi. Cell service from my office is very poor.

Does this happen when you’re on other Wi-Fi connections beside your home? Is this experience the same no matter what Wi-Fi network you are on? Is the call being dropped or is just the audio going away? If the audio is going away does it go away for both directions or just for inbound?

What I’m getting at is this is usually caused by a router’s ALG functionality. Most router’s have the ability to turn this off. In essence what is happening, is your router is probably blocking the inbound audio as if it was a threat.

The best way to test this is go to another Wi-Fi network and try it. If it works perfectly there and then you can narrow it down to your own network.

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Thanks @wshrman, the ALG that @seanr mentions as a possible culprit is SIP ALG (Application Layer Gateway) and it cause enough problems that nearly all VoIP providers recommend that it be turned off,

I am on my home wifi mostly, seldom on any other wifi to test it. The call is completely dropped, phone displays home page. I have a AT&T router BGW210-700. How would I check out the ALG setting?

AT&T router BGW210-700, turn off SIP ALG

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I reset the ALG to off. AT&T support helped me set the DNS 1 & 2. Have not used it much sense the change. Thanks for the help.

Let us know if that helps

@wshrman Any update on whether this helped?

So far it seems too, thanks

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