Dropped calls over WiFi

Moto g6, talk+text+1gb-data

I have internet service with Spectrum (internet Ultra, rated 400mb/s speed.) The internet modem can only go in one spot in our house which happens to be my 6yo daughters room in the middle of our upstairs. I don’t have any WiFi extenders but I get Netflix fine in the bonus room and can stream Zoom calls downstairs in the garage (virtual workouts) across the house on my Macbook Pro. However the past few weeks I’ve been having A LOT of problems being dropped from conference calls for work. I can typically listen just fine, but as soon as I start speaking I have been dropped several times (appears to be consistent enough to mention as a symptom).

Is this more likely to be a device/service issue or a Home internet/WiFi coverage issue? What can I do to troubleshoot/fix?

Due to the increased usage of the Internet from so many working from home, or binge-watching the Internet is taxed to the max (as most of us are :frowning: as we all try to stay :mask:)
The easiest thing to do first is to Reset your network components … this is most effective if done in a controlled method, which is outlined in WiFi Help - Internet connectivity - COVID-19 and the current times

Thanks for your response, and apologies for the delay. The reason I mentioned Netflix and Zoom is because I don’t appear to have connectivity problems on other devices. Is it your opinion that this is a symptom of strained resources, and not necessarily my phone? Netflix and Zoom tend to be better at working under strained resources vs my phone over WiFi calling?

I’ll check out the suggestions from your link.

To ensure that I’m not comparing apples to oranges, is your use of Netflix and Zoom both on your Republic phone? I ask as we also use Netflix, but the TV is connected to the network by Ethernet not WiFi, originally we had it all connected via WiFi and got tired of seeing the loading thing spin while it was buffering. VoIP on our cellphones can’t do buffering as the speech would be unintelligible. I have no experience with Zoom, having only used it once for a virtual graduation gathering.

All connections are WiFi. We use Netflix through Amazon Fire Stick/Macbook Pro, and Zoom on the MacBook Pro. I hear what you’re saying about Netflix because it has the ability to buffer. But Zoom should be similar to a WiFi call, as it is immediate transmission of audio/video.

I reset the modem/router. This evening I’ll look into checking for hardware updates and checking WiFi strength in different parts of the house. I’ll be honest, though, some of these steps are pretty involved and require substantial technical knowledge. I wish Republic had a service to troubleshoot and optimize this stuff for me. I hate having to spend so much time on this, when someone with a more thorough knowledge of these issues could probably get me up and running in a matter of minutes. I’d pay to avoid doing this myself.

As you mentioned this conference calls that you are being dropped from.

  • Have you queried others on the call to see if any of them are having the same problem?
  • Have you performed a basic speed test like Ookla provides?

No one else on the calls is having these problems.

When I ran the speed test sitting next to the router, it was 32mb/s. Seems sufficient, but others on these calls tell me that I’m dropping out–even when I sit next to the router to attempt to avoid these problems.

Thanks for the feedback, as your service is 400 Mbps, getting 32 Mbps is not what I would expect. You normally get much less that the wired speed that you should have out of the router, but this seems low. A check of the service and the service seems to indicate for 400 Mbps down they provide 20 Mbps upload. So if this would figure out to about 1.6Mbps upload which could be a contributor to your call dropping.

  • Which modem are they providing, so the specs/config can be checked to see whats available for QoS

Ubee e31t2v1. The upload speed was, interestingly, in the low 20s. Right now in the next room I’m seeing 21 down and 18 up.

Can you attach a device directly to the router and run a Speedtest? (check that destination is same as you saw when you ran it on the phone.)

  • Did you ever reboot your network equipment?
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