Dropped Calls - when driving locally and when in one place

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Samsung A50
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Issue Description

For the past 2 months, I am having calls frequently dropped, when driving locally as well as when at home. Prior to this, I would only have a couple of spots where I would have a call consistently dropped, usually when the towers changed. Now, it is random and frequent as to when the calls are dropped. Often it happens 2-3 minutes into a conversation and continues to happen every 2-3 minutes. Can anything be done to prevent nearly all of my calls from being dropped? Thanks for your help!

Please try the steps below for your cell signal/calling issues. Try them in the order they are listed and then test to see if you see any improvement.

  1. Turn the phone off and back on.

  2. Ensure the data is turned on in Android Settings. Settings > Connections > Data Usage > Mobile Data.

  3. This next step will clear out any saved connections for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth just so you are aware. Please try to reset the network settings.
    Settings > General Management > Reset > Network settings reset
    Read the warning, tap “Reset settings.” You will be warned a second time. Tap “Reset settings” to confirm. The process will usually take 5-10 seconds and the cellular signal bars icon will go away for a moment. Once the cell signal bars icon returns, please reboot the phone.

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Appreciate these suggestions. I tried all three, but calls are still being dropped. Is there anything else that can be done?

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