Dropped Phone One Too Many


My Moto G has a broken screen and needs digitizing. I am on the 1.0 plan, which I would rather not change because of money. Republic is offering the Moto E 2nd gen as an option but with only 14 days guarantee, am a little nervous.

Any thoughts on this? Not sure if I should upgrade and then will not only be paying big bucks for the new phone but my plan goes up and gigs down if I pay the 2nd least… ; \


Your other option would be a used phone on a site like Swappa. You won’t have any warranty, but would be able to choose from any of the legacy phones (Moto G1, G3, E1, E2, X1 or X2).


If you are tech inclined on Ebay the screen/digitizer & front faceplate are about $25 shipped unless you choose quicker shipping. While you’re at it a battery $10 change isn’t hard either. There’s videos on Youtube showing how it’s done. Hope this helps…
Moto G` digitizer faceplate & tools
Motorola ED30 SNN5932A OEM Standard Battery


Yeah, have heard people have failed… rather not take the chance.

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