Dropping Every call

I am dropping every call I get and it is starting to make me think of other providers. I have been with republic for 4 years and it has never been this bad with dropping calls. Any advice??

Did anything change on your end that coincided with the occurrence of these dropped calls (new phone, new home, new networking equipment, etc…)? Does this happen when the phone is connected to Wi-Fi, cellular, both? What phone do you have?


nothing has changed. I have old Moto X 1st Gen. Would getting new phone or upgrading plan help at all?


Maybe. If it’s an issue with Sprint, going to a new phone on the GSM carrier may help (if you live in an area with good GSM coverage). You might try simply Update Data Profile – Republic Help and Update the PRL – Republic Help if you haven’t already.

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In addition to the direction suggested by @cbwahlstrom, if you can narrow it down a bit more?

  • Does this occur on All call’s, Cell calls only, or WiFi calls only

Hi @ericn.exawif,

I see you opened a support ticket and our staff made a recommendation. Have you seen an improvement yet? If not, please let us know quickly, as the ticket will close on its own if there is no reply.

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