DSL modem settings for Westell (ProLine) modem

Hi, I recently bought a Moto Z Play from RW. I was having problems with incoming calls not ringing about 90% of the time. The calls most often went directly to voicemail. There is no cell service at my house and I leave the phone in airplane mode to save a little battery life. I have ATT DSL that uses an older Westell (aka ProLine) modem, model C90-610030-06 with software version 03.08.02. I found that configuring the connection type for the phone to IP Passthrough solves the problem and wanted to share this in case someone else has a similar issue. Happy New Year!


Good info for the users that have the Westell equipment … thanks for sharing

You may want to check out Republic Wireless and Your Wi-Fi Router | Republic Wireless Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia (which is a wiki maintained by other Republic Community users)… perhaps you can add your Modem with a pointer to this discussion as a ‘fix’

Nice work! Thanks.

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