Dual SIM and dual sim adapter


When I bought my Moto G4, I did not know there was such a thing as a dual SIM phone. In retrospect I wish I had bought such a phone. Now I’m wondering if there is a way to convert my single Sim into a dual SIM phone. The reason is I would like Republic on one primary sim and a backup Freedompop sim on the other. FreedomPop is on AT&T, however, their rates are not that great and they have this horrible software that fights to takeover messaging so they can charge per sms(also, the lowest overhead item on any phone). Hypothetically, if I didn’t install the FP software, I would still have access to their att LTE network and hangouts, just not their 200 minutes. This would be swell when T-Mobile isn’t working, and the near by towers have no roaming nor data. Also, in the future, it would be really cool if Republic had dual SIM phones.

Ex. of a weird sim converter:

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I also see Bluetooth dual sim adapter for iPhone. I would image there would be software or hardware limitations for standard phone. But not if switching carriers could be done with a flick of the switch on the adapter. Fiddling with tiny sim cards is bad enough, before you consider pin wear and tear. I think my sim reader in my phone has a bent pin already, as inserting a SIM does not work, I must rig the nanotechnology in to press super tightly.


Not sure how this would work (here one that reportedly works on Samsung and there a report of it working on a Nexus Dual SIM Card Adapter for Samsung Galaxy S5/G900, S IV/i9500, S III/i9300, Note III/N9000, Note II/N7100, Mega 6.3/i9200… )

Not sure how Republic App would react to this as non of the Approved Phones have dual SIM options (some have the slot butt no hardware or software support in the North American Variants that Republic uses

if you do try this please report back and let us know how (if) it works


I don’t feel comfortable with Ali. We’re it Amazon or eBay…

I did buy the FP sim. Surprisingly ATT. I immediately downgraded it to free, since no plan to use it until spring break. So, I could test it if I had adaptor.

Since rw is shipping sprint Sims, they too could test this adapter.

I bought once on alibaba. Took over a month, item broke in 2 hours, no return. Maybe, aliexpress is better.


degarb wrote:

Since rw is shipping sprint Sims, they too could test this adapter.

Republic is not, and has not announced that they will ship, Sprint SIM cards. They now have phones that they can enable using a Sprint SIM card, but that needs to be done before the phone is shipped to the customer.

The only stand alone SIM cards that are being sold are GSM.


Dual SIM phones tend not to be popular in the U.S., particularly with the carriers. The only manufacturer I know of routinely shipping dual SIM phones in the U.S. is BLU, whose phones are not currently compatible with Republic. Pretty much any dual SIM phone one might see is intended for sale outside North America and imported into the U.S. via the gray market (legal but without the manufacturer’s authorization). Warranties for phones imported via the gray market may or may not be honored by the manufacturer.

The dual SIM adapters you reference tend to be both flakey and break easily (personal experience). They’re readily available at Amazon. Most will reference Apple or Samsung phones because combined Samsung and Apple sell orders of magnitude more smartphones in the U.S. than all other manufacturers combined. If it’s referenced as working on a Samsung, it will probably work on most Androids.


It is happening a bit more. Both the ZTE Axon 7, and the new ZTE Blade V8 Pro, both meant for the US, were released as dual SIM phones. Of course, there is no dual SIM phone that is currently compatible with Republic.


Thanks for the info about ZTE. Besides the fact neither ZTE or BLU phones are currently compatible with Republic (I’ve personally voted for both ZTE’s Axon 7 and BLU’s R1 HD here: Survey: Bring Your Own Approved Phone), dual SIM phones remain outside the mainstream in the North American market.

Would I like to see that change, yes. Do I expect dual SIM phones to become anything close to mainstream here, sadly, no.



I buy from AliExpress all the time with no real issue besides wait time. I just have everything DHL, FedeX Express, or UPS Express shipped. If I let them ship it I can wait 30-45 days for their choice of shipper. Pay the extra for shipping it’s not worth the wait trust me.

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And you get models that have the US LTE bands that you want? Most of the gray market phones mean losing LTE bands that I’m not willing to do without.



I don’t compromise on specifications. I don’t buy the old stocks if possible. It is like shopping at a local store Know your prices. I was referring to shipping in my earlier post actually. You do have a good point adding the bands that a MFR can eliminate to sell cheap.

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a quick look in the zte blade looks like a can do many different things. Unlocked, all carriers, like the G4? What about 700mhz tmo is rolling out?


Already, we jump carriers. Dual sim encourages more carriers. Not a big deal when unlimited is available.

I actually would like a Verizon page plus sim, dual with rw. I believe g4 can do pp. Eventually, my 2005 Verizon page plus flip phone that I carry in my left pocket may die.


@degarb It does indeed do B12. Works great on TMO. My son has one and he loves it. Traded his Nexus 5X to his brother for it.


A dual SIM phone would work with one CDMA service provider only. CDMA unlike GSM ties service to the phone’s MEID. That IMEI/MEID typically cannot be active on more than one CDMA network. The second SIM would need to be GSM. GSM ties service to the SIM’s ICCID rather than the phone’s IMEI/MEID.


CDMA unlike GSM ties service to the phone’s MEID. That IMEI/MEID typically cannot be active on more than one CDMA network.

FYI @rolandh ,

Huawei Honor 6X is dual SIM and each SIM has own IMEI/MEID. In theory should work with two CDMA providers.


SIMs do not have IMEIs or MEIDs. A SIM’s serial number is its’ ICCID. Some but not all dual SIM phones have separate transceivers for each SIM. In that case, each transceiver would have a separate IMEI/MEID. Generally, IMEI is used when referring to GSM, MEID when referring to CDMA. The only difference is an extra digit on an IMEI. IMEIs are 15 digits. MEIDs are 14 digits.

Case in point, I believe you’ve referenced owning both a Moto G3 and a Huawei Ascend 5W. If you dial *#06#, your G3 will show its’ MEID. The same dialing string on your Huawei Ascend 5W will show its IMEI.

Very few, if any, dual SIM phones will support CDMA because very few are produced for the North American market. Outside the North American market, there is little reason for manufacturers to support CDMA as it’s practically non-existent.

I do believe the Honor 6X is a GSM only phone (no CDMA radio). All of BLU’s phones are GSM only. According to GSM Arena, ZTE’s Blade V8 Pro is GSM only. The only exception among phones mentioned in this thread seems to be ZTE’s Axon 7. Perhaps, @louisdi might enlighten us as to the number of transceivers?

ZTE Axon 7 vs. ZTE Blade V8 Pro - GSMArena.com.


Yup… Two transceivers in the A7. Each slot with its own IMEI/MEID. (If CDMA activated that carrier SIM must be in Slot 1 and only one CDMA line may be activated, the other must be GSM and two GSM lines is fine).


I do believe the Honor 6X is a GSM only phone (no CDMA radio)

That’s true and must have 2 TRs.to support dual GSM SIMs.