Dual Sim Phones any time soon?

From what I’ve been able to research there is not a dual sim solution with RW. I mainly use my republic phone to keep my long time phone number active, and just leave it at the house to forward calls and texts. I carry my work phone (verizon).

The problem is that sometimes the call forwarding and messages don’t always go through. I really wish there was a dual sim solution. Do I have any options?

Have you looked at the function provided by Republic Wireless Anywhere? (and they just keep extending its reach)


Dual sim phones are a bit more complicated software wise and also just aren’t as popular here in the US as apposed to some other east Asian countries.

That said, what are you really looking to do with a second number? If all you need to do is forward calls and texts and keep your number, you can try other number “parking” services such as Number barn which can forward phone calls and provides an app for text messages.

There are other services out there such as Sideline which provides an entire second phone line service to a exisiting phone.

But as jben has mentioned, Republic is also developing in the Anywhere software which as it gets better will allow you to get calls and text messages on multiple devices.

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Hi @atdrennen,

I’m uncertain how you would be forwarding text messages from your Republic phone to your Verizon phone. To the best of my knowledge, such a thing is not possible.

Presuming your Verizon phone is Android or iOS, Republic Anywhere will allow you to send and receive messages sent to your Republic number on the Verizon phone today. Calling for Anywhere is in beta but not yet ready for public release. More on Anywhere here: Texting App | Text from Computer | Republic Wireless.

Calls to your Republic number can be sent to your Verizon phone via voicemail forwarding. More on that here: How to Forward Your Voicemail Messages – Republic Help. Voicemail forwarding is essentially call forwarding upon no answer. If you leave your Republic phone off, calls will forward to your Verizon phone immediately.

If you need to make calls showing your Republic number from your Verizon phone, there are Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions that allow for spoofing Caller ID, so that calls made would appear to be coming from your Republic phone. Caller ID spoofing is often considered (and can be) a bad thing. There are, however, perfectly legitimate reasons for employing it and there is nothing wrong with doing so for legitimate purposes. The rule of thumb is is one controls the number being spoofed, it’s legitimate to do so.


All dual SIM phones are designed to work with two GSM carriers. It wouldn’t help where Verizon is concerned.

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Not always true… The ZTE Axon 7 can have a CDMA carrier activated on Slot 1 and a GSM carrier on slot 2, or 2 GSM carriers (but not 2 CDMA carriers).

Theoretically true, although Verizon and Sprint both refused to certify the Axon 7 for use on their CDMA networks.

Correct, but I’ve used it on Verizon, and so have many many other users. Without issue. My son’s is active on Verizon as we speak (through Red Pocket).

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