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Would the Samsung dual SIM version of the Galaxy J3 work (in the USA) with RW if the RW SIM is selected?
Would it work like a standard cell phone if the other SIM is selected?

Here are 2 mentions of dual SIM Galaxy J3s:


The dual SIM version would be handy for someone traveling frequently outside the US, as he/she wouldn’t wear out the case by popping it open at lot and wouldn’t risk losing the unused SIM.




No it will not, Republic only support [as in work on] the North American Factory Unlocked model which is certain builds of the SM-320A [even the AT&T version will not work and it shares the model number]
The international SM-330Fd [dual SIM model] will not work

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Does the “AT&T version” include the Galaxy J3 sold by/for Consumer Cellular?




Most likely yes those would be the AT&T ones

the build needs for the Samsung Galaxy J3 are as follows

Please note: The AT&T branded version of this phone is not compatible with our service.

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Only the version sold specifically as the Factory Unlocked North America version of the J3 works here. I don’t know of any carrier, other than Republic, that has sold these directly.

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While (to the best of my knowledge) no other service providers have done so, multiple vendors including Best Buy and Samsung itself sell the North American factory unlocked variant qualified and supported by Republic. The J3 in my household was acquired at Best Buy.

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