Dual Sim Support

More and more phones are coming with a dual sim option but Republic doesn’t support it.
Is Republic working on this?
The main draw back with Republic is no international cell service. Wouldn’t it be great if when traveling say to Canada or Mexico, you could use your Dual sim option and say have Google Fi as your other carrier which has compete international cell coverage. Then when you come back, you could just drop Fi since like republic there is no contract.

As noted in this thread, they are looking at supporting Dual SIM phones,


I don’t quite understand “international variant devices” My pixel xl is a US unlocked model. I tried fi when I first bought this phone and decided my main use was in the USA so the extra cost didn’t warrant a switch. Also when fi was activated and with a republic sim in it also, at start up the phone will ask what service you would like to use. It would be nice to pick fi say if I was in Canada and Republic when I’m in the sates. In order to use Republic, I had to deactivate and uninstall fi. So it would be great if dual sim was supported. You would probably double your user base. As I mentioned before, the big down side with Republic is no cell service outside the US

Sorry for the confusion, that initial part of the response that I quoted was in response to my question earlier in that discussion about supporting international variants of devices for BYOP.

Hi @lmoriconi1,

Neither of the original Pixel series phones or Pixel 2s are true dual SIM phones. By true dual SIM, I mean the ability to use both SIMs simultaneously. Of the Pixel 3 series, Android 10 is said to have brought DSDS (dual SIM dual standby) to the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL. It’s likely today’s just announced Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL will support DSDS also.

Something else to keep in mind regarding Pixels is they lack two physical SIM slots. Rather, they have an embedded electronic SIM (eSIM) and one physical SIM slot. It’s only recently, the eSIM could be used for anything other than Google Fi. Republic does not currently support eSIM.

For what it’s worth, I did for a period of time have both Fi on eSIm and Republic service using the single physical SIM simultaneously on my Pixel 2 XL. Though both SIMs could not be simultaneously active, I was able to choose either Fi service via the eSIM or Republic service using the physical SIM without deactivating either service. As both Republic and Fi rely on apps, I did find switching between services flummoxed the apps at times.


I carry a Pixel 3XL that has a physical Republic SIM and AT&T on eSIM. I regularly switch between the two depending on the service area I’m in. Sometimes the phone does require rebooting after switching to the Republic App because as Roland says, the Republic App gets confused, but overall, it works pretty darned well. I expect that DSDS would be a much larger issue.

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