Duke vs. Ga Tech tickets, anyone?


Is anyone interested in going to the Duke v Georgia Tech football game this weekend? I won’t be able to make it but have four extra tickets if anyone could put one or more to good use. They’re not front row but are decent seats, on the Duke side.

@southpaw happy to share with anyone in the office as well.

Edited to add: free, of course.

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Hi @soopergenious,

Are you trying to get into my Football-ticket-giveaway gig?!

Would you believe my Pop (also a Republic Wireless member) is a huge fan of one of those two teams? He’d love two of the tickets, if you haven’t given them away yet. If none of our other @Raleigh_Area members claim the other two tonight, I’ll make sure the rest of our staff knows about them tomorrow morning.

Thanks for thinking of sharing them here!


Fantastic, @southpaw! I’ll DM you with details.


And… I’ve found a taker for the remaining two tickets. @southpaw I hope your Pop enjoys the game!!