Dumb Phone Option Available Through Republic for Teens/Tweens?

I’m a parent of 4 children and I really would like Republic to have an option for a “Dumb Phone” that only does Call & Text. I don’t want a camera - snap chat - Wifi internet and other wonderful options, like gaming and other savory things, on my tween and teens phone. I do like a phone for texting and calling for safety. Is there anything out there in the Republic Universe that addresses this?

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RW is integrated into Android; not sure if they are able to modify a dumb phone to work with handover calling. If a phone has WiFi, it’s probably going to have internet/camera abilities. It’s certainly a good thought!

RW doesn’t offer a dumb phone but even if they did wouldn’t your kids have access to the forbidden fruit on their friend’s phones once they got to school? This might work in conjunction with home schooling, no sleepovers, no fraternizing, etc. but otherwise, well, kids will be kids.

Hi @lisav.y6yh3l,

The short answer to your question is no for a very simple reason. Republic’s blended WiFi/cell technology is enabled by an app (currently Android only). Apps require a smartphone operating system.

You might consider parental control software on the phone. Many of your fellow members suggest: Qustodio Parental Control - Android Apps on Google Play. Others are available: parental control apps - Android Apps on Google Play.

As @rolandh mentioned RW is likely unable to offer it’s service to an existing dumb phone and there are apps that may help dumb down phone offerings. You could also submit a suggestion…Suggestions …to RW to incorporate parental controls into their app.

Most of us understand your concerns, ideally mfgs would be required to produce “kid safe” parental controlled phones that would work on the various cell services and barring some hard to come by legislative action it’s not going to happen.


My brother used this pay app $3.99 to control his kids habits. DinnerTime Plus (Parental App) - Android Apps on Google Play It worked well for him.

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@williamo.vkbg0s you want the government to regulate cellphone apps??? Now that’s a good idea.

**It’s designed for seniors, but teens could use it. **
**Unfortunately, Republic hasn’t approved it yet. **

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