Dumping Hangouts


I am dumping Hangouts for a few reasons ( See other posts) I was wondering what is the best recommended dialer and/or message sms app out there that everyone likes?

I cannot handle this distraction anymore so some help would be wonderful!

Hi @ahmanm,

Have you considered Google’s recently updated GV app? Other than Hangouts, it’s the only option for continued use of a Google Voice number for both voice and messaging.

If in the market for an alternative, I like Sideline a lot.

Ugh… I dislike Google Voice more than I dislike Hangouts. I don’t like google voice recording my phone conversation.

Note: Look for the conversation that talks about Google recording.

The phone number you’re using with Hangouts is a Google Voice number. Hangouts uses the GV infrastructure. I see no reason to like or dislike one more than the other. That said, if you’re uncomfortable with GV, I highly recommend Sideline.

Oh if you knew all the ins and outs I do you might think twice. But that’s my opinion. No it’s Yea like the way it hangs and forwards our call to their number and bounces back to mine. I did the workup and sent it to Google. They will take awhile if ever.

What I’m saying is Hangouts is just another interface to the same GV infrastructure used by the Google Voice app. If you don’t want to use Google Voice fine, I’ll say it one more time, look at Sideline. There simply aren’t a lot of over the top (OTT) options that do both voice and messaging.

There are many options for voice. I have active accounts with Callcentric, CallWithUs, Future-Nine and Localphone in addition to Sideline and GV. All do voice well. Other than Sideline and GV none do messaging. I also was an active beta tester for Republic’s former sister service RingTo and retain access to that but no new customers are being accepted.

I’ve been active in the VoIP community for a long time. I think I have some idea of the ins and outs.

For dialing and messaging I prefer the stock dialer and the Android Messages app. If you’re interested in Google Voice integration there are the Google Voice app and Hangouts. That is all. For help troubleshooting Google Voice issues, I recommend the Google Voice group (or for Hangouts, the Google Hangouts group).

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