Dunked the Moto G6

Well have never done this but for the first time, my phone slid off the couch into a bucket of water. I grabbed it quickly and the phone seems to working ok, except for the light on the top far right won’t go off even when the phone is turned off.
Anyone have any thoughts?


It’s a light that indicates a hardware failure. It’s common on phones with water damage. The phone might be working now, but you’ve likely significantly reduced it’s life. I would prepare to purchase a new phone.

I’d use Google/Internet search, but IIRC it often gets said to … Edit: I think I found a better answer than using rice to dry the phone out.

I actually thought that this might be the best way, but I remembered often reading about using rice.


I read to not do the rice thing.

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You’re right. I’ll edit my post.

Wasn’t like I planned it.