Duplicate Texts received from RW Sender

I have a Samsung S9 and my wife has a Moto G4. We each currently have the 1GB of data per month plan.

For the last month or so, everytime my wife sends a text to me, I end up getting a second copy of the exact same text, sometimes a couple of minutes later. This seems to happen regardless of where she is at. She can be at her work office, in the car, or even at home. This only seems to happen on messages sent from her to me; not happening from anyone else including my daughter who is also on RW.

I have tried restarting both of our phones and that doesn’t seem to make any difference. I’ve checked to make sure that she doesn’t have more than one messaging app as well.

Any suggestions?

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Hi @thomasm.cz4eli,

Have you asked your daughter whether she receives duplicate texts from your wife?

Have you looked in the account portal at the text messaging records for both your and your wife accounts to see if the text messages show up there twice? It would be interesting to know if our server reports the message being sent twice (in your wife’s records) and being received twice (in your records.)

It’ll be a little tricky because the timestamps in the account portal are in UTC - so you’ll have to convert from your time zone, but if you can look at your wife’s phone and find some examples where she definitely sent you just one text message and you received two, and then compare that to what shows in the account portal, that might give us some clue whether this is happening on her phone, on our servers, or on your phone.

What messaging apps are you each using?

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Here’s what I’ve determined so far. I can see the text message records on my phone, but not on my wife’s. For some reason it’s not even an option on her phone; does it have to be enabled in some way?
As for the logs on my phone, I am not seeing the messages as being received multiple times. I’m only seeing timestamps that correlate to the first one that I receive.

We are both using Google Messages app. One other observation that I made is that when I was on the cell network (driving home from work), I received duplicates almost back to back. But, when I got home (on wifi), I only got the message once. I did check with my daughter and she said it happens occasionally when she gets text messages from my wife, but not all the time.

Could you tell me what steps you’re taking to view these records? I’m not following what you’re viewing that isn’t available to your wife.

Did you look in the account portal, though?

Let’s focus for a minute on where your wife is when sending these messages, rather than where you are when receiving them. The most common reason we are aware of for text duplication is a poor data connection, as described in our troubleshooting article.

Please see the attached screenshot.
For my phone (T), i have the option to “View Calls & Mewssages”.

For my wifes phone (B), that option is not present.

The issue with the duplicate messages seems to always occur when she is at work. Perhaps it is due to weak wifi or cell signal at her office?

Thanks @thomasm.cz4eli, the screenshot helped!

It appears from the screenshot that you have assigned your wife’s number to her, as an assigned user. This means she can now view her call logs, but you cannot. To see them, you’d have to log in with her account credentials.

Here’s a better explanation:

If it always happens at work, then yes! You’ve narrowed it down quite well, and I’d guess it’s either the Wi-Fi network or the cell service at her office. I’ve seen phones send duplicate text messages in both instances - when the phone is on Wi-FI and the network is not great, as well as when the phone is on cell and the cell signal is weak. We can’t do much about the Wi-Fi at her office, but if her office offers multiple networks to choice from, then if she has a choice between a 5 GHz and a 2.4 GHz network, she might try the 2.4 GHz option. (Or if that is what she picked, select the other!)

I took a peek at coverage in your area, and it looks like both of our carrier partners have very good coverage in your area, but I do see pockets weaker coverage on the carrier her phone is currently provisioned for. Of course, I don’t know where she works - if you’d like to send me the address privately, you can click my username and click “message” to send me a personal message, and I’ll check the coverage at that location.

We offer cellular coverage through two different network partners. So if it looks like coverage isn’t ideal at her office with the SIM card she has now, we could send a SIM card that provides coverage with our other partner, and see if that solves the issue. If she works deep inside a very large office building, she might see improvement on the other carrier, anyway.

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