E Solutions deGoogled phones

Does Republic Wireless support or have any plans to support E Solutions deGoogled phones?


The FAQ says that the US carriers they support include T-Mobile, Metro by T-Mobile, AT&T, Simple Mobile, Speedtalk Mobile, Ultra Mobile, Red Pocket Mobile, Ting, Tempo, Walmart Family Mobile, Pure TalkUSA, and Straight Talk, but not Verizon.

I doubt any carrier has plans to support them. It’s probably more a matter of, if they work…fine. The carriers (T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, eventually Dish) are getting very picky about which phones they allow on their network, and which features those phones are able to access. Republic Wireless would have to respect the rules established by the carrier.

I’m always a little amazed that people who don’t trust Google (one of the most heavily scrutinized companies in the world) have no qualms about throwing their trust behind a couple developers who they barely know, just because they say “trust us.”


100% Carriers don’t put effort behind support of a product that will likely sell in quantities that you could fulfill out of your basement.

No joke. We recently had the Freedom Phone that turned out to be a rebranded Chinese knock-off running a processor with known vulnerabilities, and the same old Android OS that everyone else does with a rebranded open source store on top. People were willing to throw 400% the actual price of the device at the PT Barnum hocking it because they said the right things. I’m not saying that this is the case here, but you’re precisely right, who knows what is or isn’t on/in these devices.


It seems like a solid company/foundation, and you may be underestimating the desire many people have for a deGoogled Android phone. However I see now that the specs for the phone that they’re currently selling say “Vowifi: Not supported by /e/OS on this phone”, so it wouldn’t work with Republic Wireless.

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The one phone they seem to be featuring (though not available) is the Teracube 2E. I would steer clear of that particular phone. While it may sound good with a 4 year warranty and modular upgradeability, it’s most likely a real dog. It advertises a MediaTek Helio 25 processor, which is recognized as being especially slow. It may last 4 years, but you won’t want to put up with it for that long. The phone also lacks support for a few LTE bands used in the United States.


Republic’s current implementation of WiFi calling and text messaging is patented and proprietary. VoWifi, generally, refers to the IMS based WiFi calling provided by traditional cellular carriers. I’d interpret “VoWifi not supported” to mean WiFi calling is not supported on any cellular carrier. One would be dependent entirely on the quality of cellular coverage in a given area.


Thanks, that’s helpful.

Good point.

Maybe or maybe the multiple creations and failures in this space indicate that there really isn’t demand. :man_shrugging:

I don’t understand the problem with a de-Googled phone? The phone is using Android, they have the same OS as a Googled phone!

There’s demand for de-spywared /googled phones. I’ve been following Pine and their attempts.

With increasing focus on data harvesting and personal privacy, there’s a market out there. Someone will satisfy it, despite the efforts of Big Google to stymie them and the carriers to ignore them.

The carriers are getting pretty picky about provisioning phones. It’s likely that a de-Googled phone is going to be a phone without many carrier features. I do see that the Teracube 2E is now on the list of 5.0 plan supported phones, but I assume that’s with the stock Android build. I still wouldn’t want one.

De-Googled phones are using Android open source project, just like Googled phones, why do all phones need Google Services? Why can’t we use the same OS without Google Services? There doesn’t have to be any extra effort for the carriers to allow phones with the same OS to use the network, some of the comments on this thread are ridiculous!

Some carrier features are provisioned using Google Services.


Why do I need to use these features, there are only three carriers, Verizon, At&T and T-Mobile, the rest are re-sellers. With this new 5.0 plan if it will ever get off the ground sounds like it doesn’t need the Republic app.

You may, or may not need these features. AT&T and Verizon are hyper picky about provisioning phones on their networks. I’ve had phones that were simply useless when trying to provision on AT&T prepaid this year. They would only allow me 3G coverage because their provisioning system couldn’t identify the phone. That meant no LTE, which meant no VoLTE. I was lucky to get 1 bar of service and crummy voice quality.

Reading the comment about De-Googled phones and how carriers cannot keep up with all of the different ones is so ridiculous, the carrier of the phone is tied to the phones base band modem not the OS and it should not matter.

If you want to experiment, go ahead. Nobody’s stopping you. If it doesn’t work, no biggie. It’s on you.

This simply isn’t true. Google Carrier Services provisions many of the features. APN settings are in the OS. IMS connections are provided by the OS, not the baseband. Yes, the phone’s modem makes the base connection to the network. The services the network provides on the other hand are closely tied to the OS, the apps, etc.

these are just settings, this is not run by the OS, what used to be switches are just settings on a screen, what are the settings to make a De-Googled phone work with RW? I used to use a program that allowed me to change BIOS setting in the Windows environment.