E4 Plus, G5 Plus, or other?


My sister-in-law is using her original Moto G that she purchased when she joined RW a couple years ago. It’s become very laggy, shuts off on its own from time to time, and lately some calls & texts don’t seem to be going through to her phone. I suggested a factory reset as a temporary solution, but it’s certainly time for her to shop for a new phone.

My suggestion right away was the G5 Plus 64GB version under the logic that you can never get enough RAM, especially as apps get bigger over time. But honestly, it could be overkill for her since all she mostly cares about are calls, texts, Facebook, and battery life because of constantly checking FB. I just stumbled across the RW sale on the E4 Plus with a 66% bigger battery. I know the size of the battery only tells part of the story on how long the battery will last. I’m amazed at the difference in battery life between the G4 Plus & G5 Plus - two phones with identical sized batteries. Can anybody weigh on battery life of the G5 Plus vs. E4 Plus or any other first-hand differences to be aware of (besides the obvious specs I can look up online)? At this point I’m thinking she may be better off saving the $120, getting the E4 Plus, and hopefully getting better battery life out of it. Any other thoughts on these two phones or others to check out (Moto only please), would be much appreciated!


Can’t say relative to the E4…but the G5+ is a really good phone and has worked well for us as a replacement to an aging Moto X1


Thanks. Yep, I’m already sold on the G5 Plus personally. It’s the best phone I’ve ever owned. I just wonder if the battery life and price of the E4 Plus might be more ideal for her.


My only experience with the E line is the E2 which is an adequate budget phone…but that also aged the quickest of our Refund plan phones. I think it always makes sense to get the best hardware you can get within your budget…as the hardware cost averages out over the lifetime relative to a fixed monthly price of service.


Hi @purple_sunday,

Overall, the G5+ is a much better phone, in my opinion. That said (and speaking specifically to the E4+'s battery, it easily survived a 36 hour loss of power imposed by Hurricane Irma.


I am struggling with the exact same dilemma. My son has a G5 Plus and really likes it as an upgrade from the Samsung J3. We want to upgrade his mothers phone (X2) and the battery in the E4+ is very tempting.

A couple of things I have considered is that while the lower resolution screen and lesser processor in the E4+ should provide much better battery life, I also consider that it is a larger screen and the G5+'s processor should be much more power efficient than that of the E4+'s.

Another thing to consider is OS updates. G5+ should eventually get the Oreo update whereas I believe it has already been posted that the E4+ will remain on Nougat.

For ~$120 difference, it’s a tough call in my camp. (edit: oh, wait…that would only be a $50 difference for the 32GB/2G RAM, still tough, but easier to justify. :slightly_smiling_face:)


I went from the G4+ to G5+. No comparison there. The 5 battery blows away the 4. I’m between the E4+ and G5+ for my sister-in-law.


Oops, typo(s). Thanks. Updated my post. :stuck_out_tongue:


Very valid points. I hadn’t given much thought to the G5+ 32GB. I guess that is the more fair comparison.

I wish I could quantify just how much of a difference the bigger battery with more inferior hardware around it makes.

My G5+ lasted over 36 hours too with limited use when I was away on a camping trip. For me the decision is easy. For her, I’m not sure. I’ll probably explain both options and let her decide.


When I said,

I meant that literally. I realized that my conception of what I thought was a good phone for her was not her’s.



These two articles sum it up well.

G5 Plus = better performance & longetivity
E4 Plus = better battery & value


I’m thinking about a new phone, but am waiting for US versions of the Moto G5S and G5S Plus to come out before making any decision. That’s supposed to happen sometime this fall. Betting RW will sell both models, maybe with special deals at the start.


The G5S Plus is now available for pre-order with specials like you predicted. But too early to know for sure if RW will support it. :frowning:


Thanks for the link. I’m sure it will be supported since it’s basically a Moto G5 Plus, which RW supports and sells. The added “S” just means Special Edition. It has a larger screen than the G5 (5.5" vs. 5.2") and what should be a better rear camera (dual 13MP instead of 12MP). The front camera is 8MP instead of 5MP and has added flash. Happy to see it’s about the same price RW is charging for the G5 Plus.


I just noticed the list of compatible devices now includes the G5S Plus.

It’s still available for $299. But I found a deal on the regular G5 Plus for $199 and pulled the trigger.


yes it was announced yesterday along with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+


Oh I missed that. Thanks.