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Hi, my 85 year old mother is in need of a new phone. She has the Moto G 1st Gen. and it’s not holding a charge any longer and runs extremely slow. If possible, she would like to stay with Republic but would need an app to make the screen easier to use and see. We tried Big Launcher but it said the text button was not compatible with Republic service. Can anyone recommend an app that could be used where all the functions are compatible? Thanks for any help!

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I don’t have a suggestion. I initially used Wiser for my mother in-law, but she preferred the launcher included with her Moto G6. I will say that Android has improved it’s accessibility settings since the Moto G 1st gen phone was released. The new phones have a menu for increasing font size and making display icons and text larger. In addition, new phones have larger displays than the Moto G 1st gen.


Thank you!

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