Echo on speaker phone Moto G6

I have a hearing problem and use the Moto G6. I hear an echo of my voice when I use the speaker. I have to hang up because of the annoying echo.

Do you have a case installed on the phone? If so, have you tried using speaker phone without the case? Some poorly designed cases can cover one or more of the multiple microphones used for echo cancellation.

Yes on the case but the case has been there since I bought the phone. And the problem just started a month ago

I would still try removing the case as a diagnostic. In addition, there is a Moto Help (or Device Help) app installed on your phone. The app icon is a question mark. You can run a hardware test through this app to make sure your hardware is functioning correctly.


If you are like many of us and use Hearing aids, you may want to check to ensure that you have enabled the setting.
To enable/disable the Hearing aids setting - Touch Phone > Menu Image > Settings > Accessibility > Hearing aids

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