Echo present on calls

Same with me. Republic will lose me after 3 yrs if not addressed

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The topic where you posted was two years old, and much has probably changed since then. If you’d like the Community to troubleshoot the echo issue you are experiencing, please let us know some details. For example:

  • What phone are you using?
  • Do you hear the echo, or does the other party?
  • Does this happen on Wi-Fi calls, cell calls, or both?
  • Do you have a case or screen protector on the phone?

@susanb.8m6t1y Are you still dealing with this issue?

yes! not constant, but intermittently, yes.

If you could answer the question that @southpaw posed above, it would help the community provide some answers/help

I have the same problem.

Pixel 3a xl
Only the other party hears the echo
Happens intermittently only when I am on wi-fi and using speakerphone. Call starts off fine, but echo comes along a minute or two into the call. If I handover from wi-fi to cell, the problem goes away.
I have a case, but no screen protector.

I would guess that the echo is still present after you hand over to cell, however for echo to be noticeable there are two important elements that must be present … loudness and delay

  • Loudness, your voice and any feedback from your speaker can help tone down the loudness … on an echoing call, try turning off the speaker.
  • Delay, VoIP calls will exhibit an element of delay (known as Latency) that is greater than cell or landlines. This is the nature of the beast and can be exacerbated your router, the path to your ISP, the distance to the far end and any/all of the devices it will traverse. The distance is why Satellite and VPN can work so poorly for VoIP.
    • Other than router code updates and an occasional re-boot, there is not much you can do there.
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