ECHO'S (no solution yet!)


I still have echo’s on my calls, many times can hear the caller fine THEY HEAR ECHO"S - happens when wi fi is turned offf, happens when I receive calls, happens when I initiate calls, happens on cell calls, happens when case (cover) iis off phone, happens when cover is on phone, people are starting to tell me to get A REAL CELL PHONE PROVIDER!

This happenend on my old Moto X happens on my new Nexus 6 -



IF, and I state this seriously, if ANYONE else is having this problem, speak up, I’ve been to customer “support” nothing they tell me helps (it’s the phone) no it is NOT the make, model, production # of the phone, it IS Republic & they do NOT have an answer!

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It’s very rare that we see complaints of echo, maybe two or three a year. That being said the Nexus phone does appear to have a echo issue. It’s unfortunate that you happened to choose that phone over all the others.

Audio issues at other end of voice call after Nougat 7.1.1 update?

Echo in voice calls and no data service.

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Republic Wireless what is your plan to fix this issue I am having the same problem. It is making this service unusable for me.



Others have reported Echo on the Nexus 6 line (outside of Republic users)



Hi @tarajoe,

This issue is not unique to Republic Wireless. We are currently awaiting a fix in a future Android update. The fix has been identified, however we do not have information as to when it will be released.

The known workarounds in the meantime include covering the noise cancellation microphone during Wi-Fi calls, or handing calls over to cell.



My daughter is still having the echo issue on the Samsung Galaxy S6 as well. Nothing we’ve tried has helped. Am considering a change of carriers.



This also happens anytime we have wifi speaker phone call on Huawei Ascend, and I’ve seen others state the same. Nexus 6 is also made by Huawei, correct? Covering any holes does not help. The only thing that usually helps is passing the call to cell. Sometimes call won’t pass and then nothing helps. I was told there is a master ticket and a solution in testing a few weeks ago.




All phones and networks will exhibit echo under the right circumstances and that is why the phones have echo cancellation built inside them.

For echo to be noticeable, you need a mismatch (reflection) and a certain amount of round trip time, over 150 milliseconds to East Coast servers. The longer the round trip time, the more likely you will hear echo. If you hear the echo, the mismatch is on the other party’s phone. If the other party hears the echo, the mismatch (reflection) is on your end.

Again we don’t see a lot of folks with echo problems. This is probably because the echo cancellation in the phone is working well, most of us have a round trip period of time to East Coast servers under 150 milliseconds, and we don’t use the speaker phone that often.

Anyhow, if you think another carrier is the answer, then you should move to a different carrier. You might want to test that theory by buying a Tracfone SIM and using it for a few hours with the Tracfone provider phone number. If the echo goes away, then have her find the new carrier of her choice and transfer her number from Republic to the new carrier.

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Not sure if you noticed, but the thread you responded to is 3 months old. In such cases, it is common courtesy to just start your own thread, which I see you did here: Moto G and echo problems and in that case, cross posting to multiple threads is just bad form. This is a forum for support from other customers, multiple postings aren’t going to cause any of us to be able to help you better.



OLD THREAD with an old PROBLEM that has NOT been resolved!

If it were not for me being laid up in the hospital (in & out) many times I would have “rattled” some cages before this but am now out & about & my wife & son have used my phjone while I was laid up & they (like me) had the same problem on cell as well as wi fi.

Excuses have been flying trying to blame android “the system” etc but we now need to get our act together so we can resolve this system wide challenge!

DO YOU HAVE A RESOLUTION? If so, then share it & don’t chastise those that express their frustration.Most of us are NOT “geeks” but love the technology! (& loathe the big tel co’s)



So…I have never heard back on this issue & have contended (my callers rather) with echo problem even after replacing phone with replacement from Nexus (they seem to want to help more than Republic?) I am starting this “old conversation” due to seeing other that are still expressing concerns about echo!



Echo is never a 1 size fits fixes all situation. For some background you may want to review How to Stop Producing Echo and check out some of the things in the Getting Rid of Echo section.



Hi @tarajoe,

Is your phone’s OS up to date? We were optimistic the March security patch solved the echo issue.

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up to date…read & followed directions & notice on phone shows “up to date” still have echo’s!



the echo’s are being generated due to a caller calling me -OR- my calling them, matters not whether VOIP, cell, landline, WIFI!



Is there any common number prefixes involved or any particular users that fail? (trying to establish if there is a common ‘last mile’ of telco that may be involved)



I’m sorry I overlooked this information. In this case the issue you are experiencing is not related to the issue that was resolved in the March security update.

It’s very odd, too, that it has persisted across multiple phones. Are there any apps you have had in common on all those phones?



NOPE, have spoke all over the USA with SAME echo, from the other caller!



well…usually the same apps are on all the phones a person uses.



So, am I to remove ALL apps on the phone in order to rid it of the echo is what you are saying? (factory reset)


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