Editing People in Anywhere?



I’m stumped. On my new Samsung S7 Edge I have my parent’s non-Republic phone number listed in Anywhere under their names - Bob & Susan - but on my Surface Pro 4 (Windows 10) only their phone number is there. It happened when I was told to uninstall/reinstall Anywhere. I cannot figure out how to edit my “People” contacts in Anywhere. I assumed contacts were synced across devices and the problem would be fixed. Is this not possible yet or a bug?


Hi @upallnyte,

Indeed, there is no means of editing contacts from within the Anywhere desktop apps. Those contacts should sync from your Republic phone to Republic’s servers, then back to the Anywhere app. Both your Republic phone and Anywhere app have a connection to Republic’s servers but your phone and the desktop app do not directly sync.

I’m on macOS rather than Windows, however, I’m able to force a contact sync between the Anywhere app and Republic’s servers by logging out (it’s a separate option from quitting), then restarting Anywhere and logging back in. Is that option available on Windows?



I was under the impression that on a Mac, sync could be accomplished using the ‘Sync Contacts’ menu on the menu bar at the top of the screen. Does this not work?
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I would have to assume that there is an equivalent menu in Windows on the task bar.


You are quite correct. Before posting my reply, I went hunting for that in Anywhere’s menus but forgot the separate menu bar item. Too early!


Apparently the sync didn’t go through when I tried using “sync contacts now” in Settings yesterday. Or I didn’t try enough times. It said it was “scheduling” a sync, but must have failed. Tried it again just now and it worked. I must not have been persistent enough. Thanks for your help!!


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