Email app changes with 5.1.1?

I recently upgraded from a Moto G 1st Gen, running Android Lollipop (I think it was 5.1.0, but might have been 5.1.1, not sure) to a Moto G 3rd Gen, Android 5.1.1 (not a huge upgrade, I know, but all I really needed was more memory and SD card capability, and something that would stay on the Refund plan). The Email app on this version has some changes, most notably, Gmail and other POP3/IMAP 4 accounts all now use the same app. I don’t mind that, that’s not my problem. Here’s the problem (it’s somewhat convoluted, so bear with me, if you will):

I have a personal domain email account that, among other things, I use to approve posts on a Yahoo discussion group. I much prefer approving from email (just read, hit Send, and that’s it) to going to the Yahoo website to do it. Well, for some odd reason, when I set the email client on my phone for IMAP4, these Moderated posts arrive as basically blank, with only the Subject line intact. I don’t know why, and I realize that’s not necessarily an Android problem. But before my current phone, I used POP3, not IMAP4, and that worked fine. Trouble is, I cannot get this account to setup as POP3 on this phone, because the Outgoing SMTP server setup does not have a “Manual” mode like the Incoming server does, and I cannot select “STARTTLS - Accept All Certificates” like I do with Incoming. The SMTP servers for my domain provider user a wildcard certificate that does not match my domain name, and so it fails certificate validation. This is the first Android phone I’ve had that was not able to connect to my personal email via POP3.

I’m not losing a whole lot of sleep over this, as it’s not something I need to do frequently, but boy, it sure is annoying and confusing.

Can anyone shed any light on this situation?


Have you tried googling the issue because I bet your not the only one with that issue.

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Yeah, I did some - most of what I saw was many years old, and referenced things like an “Advanced” option. which is where I would expect to find it, but there is no Advanced option in the version of the email app on my phone.

Thanks to whomever posted a link to an article about Lollipop killing the separate Email app and merging with the Gmail app - that post was apparently removed for some odd reason.

Apparently that happened back in May. Odd, because I would expect that my old Moto-G 1st Gen had received that update, yet the app was still separate (at least I think it was, at least, didn’t have this SMTP server setup problem).

Anyway, the article linked to a few other email apps, and I picked one that looked like a good possibility. That was going to be my next step anyway, just wondered if I was overlooking something obvious.

You’re welcome. I posted, and subsequently removed the post and link (Lollipop kills stock Email app in favor of Gmail - TechRepublic ) because I wanted to expand on it a bit further. I got distracted and busy with something else and never made it back.

when core apps change it in really for new software build going forward (they keep the old core apps when updating an OS on a current phone

(this is why the Moto G 1st keep the Moto Default launcher release in 4.4.2 even after the Google now launcher was standard in 4.4) (or why the Moto X Pure still has messaging as default texting app but the Moto G4 Family has Google Messenger)

well, that explains that - thanks!

It’s mostly a Yahoo problem. Yahoo Groups is (and always has been) a big clusterf mess. I’m not sure if it is intentional, to drive users to use their crappy webmail or crappier mail app (both of which it works better with), or if they just don’t care.

Anyway, to be honest, you’re just asking for trouble to do any interaction with Yahoo Groups (let alone actually managing one) via a third-party email account. I agree that approving messages via email is simpler, but you really ought to do that from a email address for best reliability. And even then still won’t be perfect.

(source: me, as a long-time (20+years) Yahoo Groups owner/moderator)

Well, I appreciate the experienced insight (I’ve only been a Yahoo Groups mod for 17 years), and if I were having more problems, I’d consider using my Yahoo address and/or their app, but I really haven’t had much trouble with it until now. I only have to approve one or two posts a week from my phone, and it usually works.

I’d love to move the group off to a different platform, and have done some research on that in the past (found a cool app that will download your entire group - all message postings, files, photos and memberships - to your local PC, in a form exportable to other platforms - can’t recall the name, but I’ll find out if you’re interested), but we never could find a platform that would support all of our files and photos and would also deliver conversations via email.

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