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Hello! I have a Moto E 1st gen and have an email app (can’t find the name). The icon is a white envelope with a yellow letter popping out and an “@” on the yellow letter, if that is of any help. This app is slowly consuming what little memory the phone has. It consumes about 1MB each day. I have tried going to , the touching the “Email” icon that appears (at the top of the ranked list…). I am not able to “clear data” and the cache is practically empty. Data is now up to 352MB with the app consuming 3.68MB! I cannot disable, delete or anything. This thing is like a growing blob. I am at the point where I am planning a factory reset, but don’t want to lose all my contact info. The other stuff isn’t that important. Help if you have any ideas! Thanks.

  1. You must have set up an Email account on that app. So you will have to remove the Email account if you don’t want it.

  2. To remove the Email account, go into the phone settings menu and select “Accounts”.

  3. Select the Email account by touching it.

  4. Touch the three white dots at the top right of the screen.

  5. Select remove account.

Note your contacts, calendar, and photos should be backed up on your Google account. Log on to your Google account to verify they are there. A factory reset will not delete anything on your Google account, including photos and contacts. After a factory reset of the phone, you can synchronize your Google account with your phone and everything should reinstall.

Yea!! You are a genius! Accounts cleared (3), memory cleared. Thank you thank you!

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