Email no longer blocked

Suddenly spam calls are no longer blocked. I have set up blocking and have indicated the repeat call is to be blocked. Yet they keep coming thru.

By providing the phone type and current OS level, along with where you made the setup (Android/phone/Republic Wireless app)
This along with anything that you have added/changed since this worked (added OS FMR (security update), or other changes the community may be able to provide some more focused help

Moto E4. All latest updates as far as I know. Not a cell expert. Keep getting two unwanted emails over and over. I block both sender and domain, no help.

AFIK the call blocking provided by Republic and Android do not deal with email, so what email client are you using?

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You’re right. My mistake. Using Blue mail.

So is the issue spam email or spam calls?

It is emails. But as someone pointed out to me, I am using BlueMail and that must be the problem. Thanks anyway.

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