Email not receiving?


Anyone else having a problem receiving emails since yesterday? Nothing coming through for me. No settings have been changed. I’ve power cycled the phone (Moto X Pure) twice. Anything else to check/change? Trying to find a trouble shooting guide on here, but no luck so far.



If this is Email and not text messaging, then I would check to see if the Email account is synchronizing in either the Email program or the phone settings menu under accounts. Note you may have to go through several sub-menus to get to the synchronization settings.

You might also try clearing the cache and uninstalling any app that updated in the last two days. Clearing the Cache



Interesting. All seems to be working now. I had already checked to make sure it was set to sync. I also manually refreshed the inbox several times. Maybe just a temporary glitch. Thanks for the link about clearing the cache. I’ll bookmark it for future reference.


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