Email not 'sync'ing

All of a sudden my Moto X (2nd gen) stopped accepting emails. Says “Couldn’t sync.” What to do

Hi @susana.sdahsz

Have you tried simply restarting the Moto X2?. Another good maintenance procedure is Clearing the Cache.

Give those a try and let us know if it helps.

I have restarted many times. I just tried clearing the cache through storage setting. Not sure if it did it - shows 1.77 MB on the cached data after I clear, then when I go back there’s 650+MB on it. Now it says 2.25MB.

I also tried clearing the system cache by turning the phone off, pressing power and down volume buttons to reach menu. Down to Recovery, choose with power button. Phone goes black - nothing.

What might have changed is that the last time I hit ‘Info’ (comes up beside ‘couldn’t sync’) it said ‘edit with’ but I couldn’t do anything in the box. Now it says ‘not enough storage to sync.’

And now after I dumped a bunch of stuff it’s back to ‘authentication error’ and won’t let me edit.

I think it’s possible I changed my email password on my laptop and it needs to be changed on my phone (or Microsoft password ???). Can’t find any way to even get to passwords. That shouldn’t be so difficult, in my opinion.

Any more suggestions? Thanks for trying.

What email app are you using? The best option to sync Microsoft email is to use the Outlook app.

Can you confirm clearing the cache fails in step 3?.

I am using Outlook.

I did the ‘wipe cache partition’ - got through the steps. Rebooted. Doesn’t seem to be a storage problem now.

Email is still not working (last one I got was Feb 4). When I swipe down for new emails - just spinning circle. Then envelope appears in top left corner; swipe to “Authentication error - touch to edit account settings …” When I touch box at top says “Edit with [blank” - no access (by touch).

Problem fixed! I found where I could update password and changed to match laptop. Emails poured in.

Thanks for help with clearing cache - useful for opening up more storage space!

Thanks for the follow up @susana.sdahsz , glad you have email working again.

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