Email replies to Community posts slow?

Anyone else having email notifications to posts on here come really slow or delayed?
The ones I am getting are taking about 2 to 3 hours to show up in my Inbox.

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That quicker than many texts I’ve received over the years.

I have never timed the emails and would say yours are likely about average. RW is in the mobile business and their partner takes care of the forum emails.

You need to do your own monitoring to stay on top of things.


mmm…the email for your reply came in after 11min.
Odd, as all the ones form yesterday were hours behind.

Anyway, delayed SMS/MMS is a totally different issue and system. I only have had such delayed SMS for a short time many years ago when on VZW. Never experienced it since, over various carriers and phones. Always been instant or within in a few seconds.

Don’t know. I’ve had e-mail responses turned off forever.

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email notice for this post came in after 4hrs.

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