Email- Ticket created on your behalf

I received an email claiming to be from republic help saying that they noticed I was receiving a lot of spam calls (which I am). It asked to reply back with a time that my phone would be connected to wifi. Help would then make a change on their side to fix it. The help person is named Paul.

Seems a bit suspicious so I wanted to check and see what the community knew about this.

“We hope that this message finds you well. This ticket was created on your behalf because we have noticed that you might be receiving a large amount of unwanted calls. If you are receiving spam calls and or messages, there is a change we can make on our side that should address this issue. We’d be more than happy to make this change for you, however we need to make sure that you’ll be connected to WiFi when we make the change so that your phone continues to operate properly on the cellular network.”

if the ticket was sent from Zendesk it is most likely legit (Zendesk is Republic support software) most likely they are going to change your underlying carrier number (not your Republic number)

I just checked and it is from zendesk.

Thanks for the quick and helpful response.

Hi @jim,

@drm186 is correct, the email is legitimate. Republic is using new functionality in its’ ticketing software (Zendesk) to proactively create tickets for members seeming to have service issues that might be improved. My source is personal experience. I’ve been on the receiving end of those emails on another subject (call quality).

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