Email to SMS issue

I’m having an issue receiving email to sms messages from my company. My companies alerting system sends an email to and I don’t get it. This has worked before as recently as 5 weeks ago. does anyone know if republic is blocking domains? I can receive an email to sms from my gmail account. I have also open a ticket with my company to see if they are seeing any issues sending to republic.

Hi stevenb, I’ve also been having a similar situation. Up until April 2nd I was receiving email to SMS texts from an alert service I had been using. Then nothing. Now I know that there are some email servers I have tried where the messages never got through (either not configured properly or spam blocked).

However, after doing a little troubleshooting, I am finding that through my personal pop3 email or gmail, if I send messages with content longer than 20-30 characters then messages never reach my phone. Short ones do. Also, if I send the same message more than once, after a while, they stop showing up until the content of the message changes.

From your gmail, try sending very long messages and see if they reach your phone. Then try sending the same short message repeatedly and see if it stops showing up.

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