Emailed bill personal info

The emailed bill we all get contains too much personally identifiable info:
1. My Name & address
**2. Last 4 digits of credit card **
3. My phone number **
We all know emails are not secure and not private. Please join in to bring this to RW’s attention with the hope they will remove our Highly Identifiable info from our monthly statements. Thank You

With the exception of the last 4 digits of CC number, all the other info is public record info that is easy to find out via a simple web search.

There is nothing there that can cause any real risk of identity theft.
Also, every other e-bill would have the same basic info sent to you.
Utilities and other bills often send pdf as an attachment that have much more personal info in that, such as account number and detailed usage or transactions. For that detailed info in regards to Republic, you must log into your account portal.

It would be more advantageous to have work on securing your email service. Set up 2FA etc. Or, get your own email server, there are ones you can buy that are geared to extreme privacy and security and that only you have access to to manage and control physical in your own home. There are also security/privacy focused online email services such as lavabit.


Dear Speed Cheetah: Aren’t I entitled to do the most to protect my information. I have experienced ID theft and let me advise you it is an unpleasant harrowing experience. Your comments are dismissive, not helpful, unsympathetic nor useful in any way. Further I disagree with your description of “all the other info is public record…easy to find out via a simple web search” would you produce in detail the steps involved in the “simple web search” so we all can try it.
Strongly disagree with your unsupported fake-fact “there is nothing there that can cause any real risk of identify theft.” are you guaranteeing this and how can you prove your declaration? How can you factually assert that not one person’s email has been hacked and no ID has ever been pilfered. (explain Experian’s hacking)
No and Not true “every other e-bill would have the same basic info…” This is not “basic Info” this is Personally Identifying Info. My utility company and ‘other bills’ do not have account numbers, detailed usage or transactions, how can you declare and now prove every utility company and ‘other bills’ contain this info?
I can tell you in Fact Chase Bank redacts all personally identifiable info in their email notifications and paperless statements. A Fact.
Apparently you are computer savvy with the spare time on hand, perhaps more so than the rest of us with “set up 2FA etc. Or get your own email server… lavabit.” your heady recommendations just boosts and makes my concern valid. Redacting would be faster, easier, simpler time saver for the rest of us and perhaps a cost saver if not a time saver for RW,

Hi @birdphoneblue,

You and others are, of course, entitled to take steps to protect your information and I believe it’s wise to do what one is able to do so. I’ve not been a victim of identity theft, however, my professional background is banking and, therefore, am not unfamiliar with the consequences involved.

I would agree email is inherently insecure and might be thought of as the equivalent of sending an electronic post card.

The reality is our addresses are in many cases public information. If one owns their home, it’s definitely public information available with varying degrees of ease from whatever taxing authority is involved. Mailing lists are also trivially easy to purchase. I’m not saying this to be dismissive of your concerns, merely pointing out the information is out there. In my state, Florida, much personally identifiable information is readily available if all one has done is register to vote.

The solution, I’d like to see Republic implement is simply to omit details from the email invoice. An email advising one’s invoice has posted (so one knows to go look via Republic’s account portal) would, in my opinion, be sufficient. This is the standard used by most banks (mine included) when communicating with customers via email. We let them know there’s communication waiting for them at our secure website.


I don’t even care for the email statements they send…I just immediately delete them without looking at them.
the notification via the RW app is sufficient for me.

Also, since it is an auto pay thing, I already know it is happening. I do keep track (a list) of my auto pays to things, the date and amount, so I already know. Though, many folks may not do this.

Is there a way to just turn off, or un subscribe to RW’s email statements?

Otherwise, the only thing I can think of if one does not want these email statements, is to create a rule in their email service that just auto permanent deletes the emails, probably based on the Subject line. “Your Republic Wireless statement”

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Neither app notifications or autopay are infallible. What works for one person may or may not work for the next. I see enough questions here and as one of Republic’s Experts from folks surprised to find there’s a payment issue on their account to conclude email notification sans details is worthwhile.

Not currently

That’s fine if one simply doesn’t wish to see them. It wouldn’t address the OP’s legitimate concern regarding potentially personally identifying information traversing the servers between Republic and one’s email service.

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A simple Google Search is all that is sufficient. There are sites tailor made to look up info on people, back ground checks, credit checks that are very easy to use and only require the most basic info on the person. But u would be surprised to see what is out there just by a simple Goggle search to get you started.

No one can Guarantee privacy or security of anything these days.

The information you are contesting IS publicly available most likely.
Unless you live off grid, never owned a home, or phone, or never registered to vote or paid taxes etc…
Many do have this info and do send it via email or snail mail. Such basic info is required to to these companies in order to use their service. (Many of them then go and sell your info to others.) At least Republic does not send out bill via snail mail like utility bills.

Your account number is your phone number, as it is with many pre-paid providers. You give this info out so people can call u.

Your email address is also public, and given out so people can email you. Your address is public info, so people can mail things to you.

The last 4 of you CC is only shown and this technique is used literally everywhere as a mask to not have to say your full card number. It IS the security in place to protect your card number. All sites and services do this, not just RW.

Only in the RW account portal, to which you have to log into(and can be protected vis 2FA and a OTP app.) does all the fine details of your call history show up. That is often more protected than the records on your phone it self, as the lock screen pass code is fairly easy to bypass, should someone one steal your phone.

We are just fellow customers here on this Community Forums. (only SouthPaw is RW employee)
There are security measures in place, more so than most other carriers I have been with.
You are free to use them, or look elsewhere and see if any other providers send more or less info via their email statements. (I know Sprint sent my Full statement via pdf attachment and that had all my info, calls, texts, etc)

This basic info sent to customers via email is for convenience and simplicity of identifying the service line and person it belongs to. Many folks have multiple lines and users… 99% of users want that info and would complain should that info not be there, or find it inconvenient to have to click a link, and log into their account to see any details.

Good security and convenience do not go together.

If you are suggesting that RW has an option to not show any personal info in your email but instead just put a link to log into your RW account (like @rolandh mentions previously) then that is a good suggestion.

I was not trying to come across as dismissive. I apologize if that is how I came across. I was just stating the info provided is nothing more than any other provider would send you. But you did make me realize that I never even look at the RW statement email they send me, and I would have no issue having it have less personal info in it, or being able to not receive a statement via email at all. But please realize that many folks, the vast majority, would not want such a change to be made. But it is agreeable that RW could make an option to slim down or opt out of receiving their email statements.

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