Emergency Alerts - Non-stop


Anytime that there is an emergency alert in my region I receive numerous alerts throughout the day. They occur anywhere from 5 minutes apart to an hour apart but I receive them continuously. This also occurs on my brothers phone (who is also on republic) at the same time as my alerts. We are both on the CDMA card. I have a Nexus 5x and he has a Moto something.


If these are weather alerts you can manage them in the Google app:


Hi @tylercos

On my Moto X Pure the alert settings are in…

Settings/(wireless & networks)More/Emergency broadcasts

Should be similar I think on the Nexus. Also, you should be able to dismiss the alert through the notification screen.

Hope this helps.


They’re not weather alerts. They’re the true emergency alerts via the WEA system. Today in particular was an amber alert.


Thanks @c1tobor however this would disable the broadcasts entirely. On previous networks I would only receive the alerts once.


It’s been awhile since I have had one, but I seem to recall I would keep getting them until I dismissed it…(Notification shade- X it out).


This is what I receive and I dismiss it every time.


In your texting app you should have an option to turn off repeating the warning.

Open the native texting app
Tap on the 3 dots in the upper right corner
Tap on Emergency alerts
Tap again on the 3 dots in the upper right corner
Tap on Settings
If your phone is like Moto Pure native app you should see setting and their switches
Uncheck the box for Alert Reminders


I have alert reminders turned off.


Sometimes states will issue an Amber Alert more than once and that could be why you’re getting more than one Alert. Is the Amber Alert for a different child? If say for example a brother and a sister are abducted by someone, the state may choose to issue two separate Amber Alerts, one for each child. The state could also issue a reminder alert if they feel the child is in serious danger.


No, it’s a single child. And I feel they wouldn’t be issuing every 5 minutes for the past 9 hours.


Hopefully it stopped by now. If not have you tried rebooting the phone? Pressing on the power button until it starts again.

Also check that PRL and Profile are updated since you’re on CDMA. Hopefully the instructions will be similar for your Nexus.

There could be an issue with the local Sprint tower, the municipality’s equipment or operator. I know I’ve received at times multiple alerts from local municipality for the same thing.


Yeah they stopped once the alert was finished. I had tried a restart and apparently I had missed 2 alerts in the time that my phone was off :grin:


:joy::sunglasses: Thank you I needed that laugh!


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