Emergency calls only, and "not accepting calls" recording


My wife has a Moto g5 plus which now says “emergency calls only,” I heard that could indicate that her number had been hacked or ported. What to do ?


That’s an unlikely scenario. Does the warning also say “No SIM Card”? If so, the following may be of help:

If it’s an issue of being unable to get past the “Emergency Calls Only” screen, see:


The message is only there when the phone is turned on and when you sweep down from the top. If you activate the phone app it does not appear. She talked to a friend yesterday that said she had called three times and got the message "this party is not accepting calls’


You mean when it’s first turned on? Perhaps it just hasn’t acquired a cellular signal at that point.

Has she set up her voicemail?


There is no mention of the Sim card
Problem is when you activate the phone from sleep mode and when screen is lit and you sweep down from the top


Does it clear after a few seconds?


No it doesn’t go away


How long have you had this issue? Has it always occurred with this phone? Perhaps it’s a cellular coverage issue. Republic uses either a GSM and CDMA partner for their 3.0 phones, The old phones were CDMA only.

  1. Determine which SIM card is in the phone:
  • Open the Republic app
  • tap the settings ‘cog’ in the top right corner of the screen
  • tap ’ About - Device and legal information
  • The ’ Phone Info ’ section shows the inserted SIM ICCID and the ’ SIM Type ’ (GSM or CDMA)
  1. Check that against the coverage maps:
  1. If your coverage looks inadequate for your area, please open a Help ticket and ask Republic if you would be better off with a different SIM which better matches your coverage area.

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Hi @earlh

Are you still experiencing this issue?


She re-booted the phone and the issue went away. Thanks for your interest.

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