Emergency calls only - I am in a service area and I have over 2gb of data

I bought 2 gb of data. why can’t I use data yet…still only wifi???

We need some more information.
What phone model?
What zip code are you in?
Do you have Cell signal bars and if so, is there any letter near it like R or a !.

Emergency calls only message is not indicative of running out of mobile data.
Are you seeing any other error messages such as No SIM?
Have you tired rebooting the phone?

No bars at all, but my daughter uses republic wireless and she has LTE and at least one bar on her device. My phone usually shows at least two bars here at home.

I have rebooted the phone a couple of times in different locations and am currently doing so now as well.
There are no other error messages.

Hi @staceyw.d7m6ty,

As you specifically mention a Moto E4, please see if this helps: Connectivity Problems on Cell/WiFi and SIM Errors on Moto E4 – Republic Help.

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I will look at that link.
This is a screenshot of what the message when I just powered up my phone.

Is this related?

You probably need to run system updates. There may be multiple.

And the build number is NPQ26.69-27.
I guess it’s time to do some updates. Can you send me a link with directions about how to do that?
Fingers crossed.

The update option is under the phones Settings menu.


Hi @staceyw.d7m6ty.

Here are the instructions, as @rolandh shared earlier.

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