Emergency Calls Only right after activation

What phone do you have?
Moto G6
What plan are you on?
My Choice +1GB
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

I just activated my new phone, and it is in emergency calls only. Some of what WhatsinSIM shows:
DataActivity=No traffic

Did the Republic App indicate your number was ready to go and to reboot the phone?

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Was the phone purchased from Republic? Are you using the SIM card that came in the phone if so? If not, where did the SIM you’re using come from? Did you use the Republic App to activate the service?

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Yes, it did.

I bought it from Republic, the SIM was already installed when I got it. The Republic App says it is fully activated.

Please power the phone off and back on to see if that has any impact. If not, please open the Republic App, tap the gear at the top and then about. What does it say there for SIM type? Please also share your ZIP code.

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Restarting didn’t change anything. SIM type=GSM Zipcode=54767

I think the issue is that the SIM card you have simply has no coverage where you are. Please open a ticket with Republic staff and let them know yo have no coverage and that you need a CDMA SIM card in order to get coverage. I’ve already reported the fact that the coverage checker shown GSM coverage were you are when in reality there isn’t such coverage.

After further investigation, it appears (and @speedingcheetah is right) that I don’t believe you’ll have satisfactory coverage from Republic in that area at all. Although, I still think giving CDMA a try is worth it as fair for that carrier usually indicates a much stronger signal than fair with the GSM partner.


Spring Valley, WI 54767, USA

Map for both GSM and CDMA show “Fair” coverage. “Coverage outdoors and on the road.”

CDMA looks to have much more bad spots of only 3G coverage.

Either way, neither SIM has strong coverage in that area.
You can try the CDMA SIM, however, you may be needing to use a different provider that uses Verizon or ATT towers. (Republic uses Tmobile or Sprint)


My previous phone was through republic and the coverage was fine.

And what phone was that?
If it was one of the legacy phones, on the 2.0 Refund plan, it would have been on CDMA Sprint network partner.

It was a Moto g4.

Do you still have it (the G4)? If so, can you pop the SIM out and take a look at it? If yes, is the word Republic in all gray/black or is the public part in green?

It is hard to tell but I think it is grey and black though it looks like the c might be green.

When the “public” is green it is the whole thing and it is obvious. This confirms that your old phone was CDMA, while your new one is GSM. The instructions on the ticket I mentioned earlier, providing this information: How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help and they’ll get you the coverage your old phone had.

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