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With my Republic Wireless Samsung Galaxy S7, I cannot figure out how to receive those annoying (but currently needed) emergency weather alerts that I thought were standard/default on Android phones. What am I missing?

With the ongoing storm activity, related to Harvey, I need to get that loud warning for emergency weather alerts because of the ongoing tornado warnings we are having. While we are sleeping tonight, we won’t be sleeping with the TV on (assuming that we continue to have power) … so the warnings coming through the TV won’t be waking us up.

How do I get that “wake you from the dead” noise from my phone???


Hmm…I always just received them without opting into anything. Check this out : https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.androidcentral.com/amber-alerts-and-android-what-you-need-know%3Famp

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Hi @Graammm
This should wake the dead and no it isn’t my snoring either.

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Hi @Graammm,

I can’t say with certainty on the S7s (don’t have one), however, on many Samsung phones, the settings you seek are actually hidden in the bundled Messages app (not Android Messages but the one Republic asks not be used). You might try the following:

  1. Tap Apps.
  2. Locate, then tap Samsung Messages.
  3. When asked to change the default messaging app, tap Cancel.
  4. Tap More upper right.
  5. Tap Settings.
  6. Tap Emergency alert settings.
  7. Tap Emergency alerts.
  8. Toggle on the alerts you wish to receive (I would think Extreme and Severe are what you’re looking for).

No guarantees the S7s follow the above but I hope this helps and stay safe!


These are the instructions that worked, but I can’t figure out how (from my phone) to flag this as the “answer”

I think I had previously totally disable the default messages app to avoid getting notifications from both the default messages app and the Android messages app.


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your thread was in General discussion (which does not have a mark correct options (I moved it to Questions and answer for you)


This was so confusing since the path to the solution was different on my phone than those associated with other carriers


If I had not tinkered with it when I originally set things up on the phone, I’m pretty sure that I would have automatically receive those alerts.


Oh my goodness! I guess I should be careful what I ask for. I only want tornado warnings. Now I am getting flash flood warnings constantly instead of only warning me about tornadoes that would drive me to taking shelter in a closet


Wear you’re hip waders


I’ve noticed the same about my weather radio! There are third-party weather-alert apps that will allow you to select only the warnings you want.

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