Emperordahc: Farewell, Republic Wireless! Thank you and best wishes!


Fellow Republic Members and Staff,

I, emperordahc, as a first wave tester for Republic Wireless, have left for other pastures.

This is a completely positive post. Let’s keep this thread this way.

I have loved, loved, loved being with RW. I’ve loved testing phones, testing software and enrolling in as many betas as I could. The RW staff have always been top notch amazing. It’s been great discussing in the forums about features we need or miss and helping the team bugfix issues. I’ve enjoyed the social media side. It’s been amusing seeing myself mentioned/quoted in marketing and release notes. Early during the beta, a year of free service was great, too!

And I’ve loved the shirts. I’m wearing one right now as I type this, and my wife and I will continue wear them and promote RW.

However, my family has moved, and our needs changed. Here’s the reasoning, in order, I had to weigh about sticking with RW:

  • Our new home only has Verizon coverage. If our internet/power goes down, we have no data while roaming to Verizon. Our phones were staying roaming all day, killing the batteries.
  • We’d lose our RW 2.0 Refund plan if we upgraded our ancient Moto X1s, increasing our monthly bill.
  • My kids are needing phones soon, and 4 phones on another carrier’s family plan can be cheaper than RW.
  • My wife needs an iPhone for easier tech support by me. RW is understandably sticking with Android for now.
  • RW is having to whitelist BYOD phones, which is understandable, but restrictive.
  • I’ve been missing (delaying until I’m back in range) text messages from being in areas that have very weak cell service without data. Being enrolled in Anywhere, which is amazing 99% of the time, let me see how RW 3.0 phones require an active data connection to receive texts.
  • Newer versions of Android, outside the control of RW, are causing doze issues with incoming wifi calling, as discussed in the forums. There are Tasker, etc. workarounds, but I need a simple fix for my wife.

So. We’ve moved to Xfinity (Comcast) Mobile (which is a Verizon MVNO).

  • Xfinity uses Verizon (which is the only coverage we have at our new home)
  • Supports all Verizon compatible phones (including iPhones)
  • Since I already have Xfinity internet, up to 5 phones are all free talk/text each month with shared data buckets of $12/GB. (We use less than 1GB between the two of us.) This will actually drop our current RW Refund bill in half to below $20 total, and that’s after adding the kids, too.
  • Currently had a sale that got my wife an iPhone for 1/2 price and myself and pretty good Android for $1.

All that said, we’ll come back to RW in the future if things change again for us.

My RW Wishlist:

  • Bring back Refund plans (the marketing message is hard, I know!)
  • Family plans

RW has been awesome, and I hope them the best!

Once again, please keep this thread positive.


Sorry to see you go but with no native Sprint or T-Mobile coverage it is understandable (I full understand the wife support issue it’s one of the reasons I have not moved her to Republic (and the amount of data she sometimes pulls make Cricket a better deal for her))

Good luck with Comcast Mobile hope their service is better than there internet/cable is where I at (but the only game in town for high speed internet)


Sad to see you go, but I am glad you have found a solution that works for you and saves you money as well! Maybe someday we will see you back at Republic again :wink: . That’s a cool shirt by the way! Jealous!


Sorry to see you go. I hope you will stick around our forums. We can always use your insight.


As you are now apart from Republic as a user … Please always consider yourself a part of the Republic Community


Take care as family always comes first. Your outline is well said and many if not all points can be agreed on by many in the community. I consider you a beta friend and will be here if you return some day.


From a relative newcomer, best wishes for a positive experience with Comcast Mobile. Given Comcast’s less than stellar reputation for customer service, I’d be most interested in your experience over a period of time.

A small quibble with your well articulated bullet points. I don’t believe Comcast supports all Verizon compatible phones. At least, that’s not what Comcast Mobile’s website suggests unless that represents only phones Comcast Mobile sells.


Howardforums users are reporting that all Verizon phones are compatible. There’s no RW VoIP style magic; this is a standard Verizon MVNO w/o WiFi calling. Many were buying the (somewhat) inexpensive LG phone, tossing the phone and putting the SIM in another phone, like the Moto G5, etc. Comcast is rolling out true BYOD SIM kits soon.


So, if I’m understanding correctly, one must first activate a Comcast purchased phone, then move the SIM to another Verizon compatible phone? It’s my understanding that trick often works on Verizon proper (and probably Verizon MVNOs other than Comcast Mobile as well). Also looks like that LG is currently out of stock.

And, there’s no WiFi calling? I ask because Verizon’s network supports WiFi calling and since Comcast is touting its WiFi hotspot network as part of the package, I’m surprised by that.


That is correct. The Xfinity sold LG phone was currently $1 during the sale, so lots of people were buying that, activating it, then putting the SIM in another Verizon phone. (Before the sale, people were still paying the LG’s original price just for the SIM.)

There is no Wifi calling. It’s a bit of a shock, considering it’s Xfinity, you’d think it would be VoIP based. (That’s quite a bit of discussion in that long Howardforum thread I linked above.) Even iPhones, which are huge w/ Wifi calling, won’t use that because it’s a Verizon MVNO, not Verizon proper. Yes, the “use any Xfinity hotspot” feature is only for data.


Just FYI, doing that SIM dance is, like with Republic, a violation of the TOS with Xfinity mobile. It’s the same trick people use for Google Fi, and at least with Google, they’ve been known to terminate accounts for doing so. Be careful.


Yes, Google Fi is a RW style VoIP network; swapping your SIM is not cool. Xfinity Mobile is just a plain MVNO, they’re really not concerned about the client device you use.

In any case, Xfinity Mobile is rolling out BYOD within the year, so it’s all good.


Would you explain further please? Is a dance the same as swapping a SIM? Don’t see where that’s a violation at RW. Thanks.


I’m referring to using a Republic SIM in one of the phones not on the list
of authorized devices.


Thanks for the explanation.


My RW Wishlist:
Bring back Refund plans (the marketing message is hard, I know!)

I’m in the same boat with my Moto X1. Being on such an old OS is getting to be a pain, along with old hardware, and I’d love to update, but I simply don’t use enough data for the lowest 3.0 data plan to be worth it, but I use more than 0. I also need CDMA service due to my location not being as good for GSM, which limits my options even more. I’m just holding out until hopefully Republic Wireless can get better, more affordable CDMA-compatible phones, or until my area makes GSM more worthwhile.

Thank you for sharing your findings and rationale, though. It really helps!


I will also likely be saying good bye to republic wireless and am quite conflicted about it. I have been here since the beginning as a beta tester. Since my original moto x is getting quite old I am faced with having to buy a new costly phone and having to give up my refund plan, which was really great for me. Xfinity’s $1 phone and $12/gb of data seems too good a deal to pass up. I loved being part of republic wireless, but cannot think of reasons to stay given the out of pocket money I would have to pay to stay :frowning:


Not having to deal with legendary Comcast support for your phone? That sounds like a good reason.


I might be a minority opinion here…but at least in our area, the customer service in the local xfinity store is outstanding.


Uh yea:


First 3 of several hundred articles on how Comcast has some of the worst customer service is the world. So yeah, you’re in the minority.