Emperordahc: Farewell, Republic Wireless! Thank you and best wishes!


Sounds like someone needs to contact that Xfinity location and straighten out their support staff if they’re actually helpful.


As law of competition dictates Xfinity usually has a good product and great customer service in areas with increasing competition. Sadly places with a Xfinity monopoly (hello from Georgia) the product and service is terrible. So about 90% of their service area has terrible customer service.

This is why I have a special place in my heart for smaller companies trying to break into heavily abused markets such as internet and phone providers.


I have Xfinity, FiOS and a local provider called Open Band at my house. Xfinity has its traditional copper network, Open Band and FiOS both have fiber to my house. Comcast service is still the pits.


Just a quick update on my service change:

Everything has gone well since porting to Xfinity Mobile. My wife is so happy with her iPhone, and my Android is great. Our coverage is solid, HD calls are clear as a bell, MMS works flawlessly with all other networks and we’re saving money.

The only hiccup we had is that our Verizon coverage inside our house was weak (yet still stronger than other networks), and calls were occasionally dropping. I rounded up a used Verizon 4G Network Extender and put it on my wifi. Now our phones have 100% cell network signal. (It’s seen as a Verizon tower, so even Verizon MVNO phones use it.)

RW customer service is infinately above Comcast, no doubt.

Customer service wise, everyone at the local Comcast location was very helpful and phone support w/ Comcast was good for the port. (The 45 minute hold times for phone support was rough, but i swapped during a huge sale. Ugh.)

I’ve been with Comcast for about 12 years, and they’ve always been top notch. Our local Comcast crew rewired my entire (previous) house for free. Any time I’ve had an issue with squirrels chewing through lines at the pole, they were out within a day to fix it. Billing has always been perfect, zero issues ever with hardware, and phone support has always been super helpful. I’ve heard/read Comcast nightmare stories for years, but I’ve always had the total opposite experience.

(I’m aware a portion of this could be related to my tech background, and when I call with an issue, I’ve usually already figured the solution out and I just need them to do something from their end. They were happy the time I emailed them photos of my modem dangling off a two story ladder, w/ a really long extension cord, to check for signal strength directly from their line.)

BTW, Comcast internet service is excellent where I live, despite having zero competition. (80 down, solid connection.)

That’s my post-port update. Please keep this thread positive, and thanks RW!

BTW, as promised, still rocking RW shirts:


If only that were the typical experience: https://consumerist.com/2014/04/08/congratulations-to-comcast-your-2014-worst-company-in-america. Comcast is one of two repeat “winners”. I’m sorry to say based on my own Comcast experience, it is, in my opinion, deserved.


Thanks so much for your update, super helpful! My main concern with my switch is the coverage at our house and I need to test it out before porting my number. Since they are not able to port after a number is issued for the phone, the only thing they recommended was buying 2 phones and trying it out on the extra before porting. Since the phones were only $1, 2 extra for my husband and I wasn’t a big deal, but seems like a ridiculous way to go. Of course the only phone I received so far is the one that I will port to and I am just waiting on the remaining backordered phones to try it out. I would love to hear anything else about your experience using the service if you are willing to share.
As for comcast support, I have had fairly good customer service here. It took many tries to get my home service hooked up and working in our new house, but everyone I have spoken to (and it has been many) has been helpful. I really do wish the company trained their reps better on their products though.


Howardforums had some users being told that. Other users said they received Xfinity phones w/ new numbers, then later ported their numbers in, replacing the original Xfinity number. One said that the rep on the phone told them that they had done it many times. Your mileage may vary on this one based on what rep you get hold of.


And there’s the example of the Comcast service we generally expect!


Hit or miss? More miss than hit?

There’s a guy in this story who won’t switch to Comcast even though AT&T is currently telling him October 31st to restore his Internet: http://www.sun-sentinel.com/business/fl-bz-att-oct-31-restore-date-20170925-story.html.


Appalled by lack of any venue to communicate what I need to return phone for a refund. And it has nothing to do with miscommunication & everything to do with a non-reputable company with no intention of standing by their refund policy. Brother who referred me is so upset about my inability to return phone unde dire circumstances within RW guidelines that he will be leaving (his daughter is the RW USER) , adding her to their Verizon acct. disappointed-I got scammed. Co has no idea of integrity or ethics in customer service. BBB is being notified as well.


@tamaram.okzo91 I just answered you in another thread. I can assure you that Republic Wireless is very reputable and will be happy to assist you with your return, as you seem to be in your 14 day return window from the information you posted in another topic.

Please open your help ticket and request a return label. One will be sent to your account email address.


Normally, it requires absolutely no human intervention for a return. If the phone had an active line, following the directions here: Return and Replacement Policy – Republic Help automatically issues you a return label. On the other hand, if it doesn’t have an active line, following the directions here: Return and Replacement Policy – Republic Help automatically issues you a return label.

Doing either of those things requires no human intervention, no cooperation from Republic, a label is automatically issued and emailed to you as documented in the Return Policy and the instructions for taking advantage of it.