Emptying Trash on Moto G5 Plus

How do you empty the trash/cache on the Moto G5 phone? I am running out of storage and want to make sure my trash is empty.

Hi @dconnelly

I’m thinking this should apply (even tho it’s for the G5 Plus)
How to Clear the App Cache on Moto G5 Plus

To be clear, what @SuperT recommends might indeed free up some space, but there is no equivalent of a “trash can” as you would see on a desktop computer, on your phone. When you remove an app or delete a file, it is immediately deleted, not placed in a trash can.

Cached data does not show up in my storage.

Try this: How to Clear the Android System Cache on Motorola and Nexus Phones Running Android 8.0 or Below
Also, if you use Google photos AND are backing up to the cloud, check the setting to “Free up Drive Space” :wink:

That process worked to clear the cache. Thanks. I am now at 97% used.

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