EMS Messaging Alert


Any use Republic Wireless for I Am Responding, which is a text notification alert system used by emergency personal? They are having trouble setting it up I was told by Republic that it is XXXXXXXXXX@text.republicwireless.com

Also who is the main carrier for Republic?


Sorry to say I have no experience with that app. Have you tried testing the email to text configuration by sending an email to your phone? Apologies for the obvious question, however, have you enabled to functionality on your phone in the Republic app as follows:

Open Republic app.
Tap gear icon upper right.
Tap Advanced settings.
Scroll to, then tap the checkbox for Allow SMS messages from email.

Republic isn’t a traditional cellular service provider. Text messages are routed over the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network of its former parent company Bandwidth.com and delivered to one’s phone using a data connection (WiFi or cell). Giving the folks at I Am Responding the cellular network partner your phone is provisioned with and your Republic number won’t work.

Edited to Add:

Might using the mobile app on your phone be an alternative?


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