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I have a Moto X Pure Edition from last July, and earlier this year I decided to encrypt the information on it. I am wondering if there was a change in the encryption that is used because when I first encrypted it, you could not even access the lock screen without the password I set for it. Recently, I noticed that there was no preliminary password check before the usual lock screen. It made me wonder if my device was still encrypted, but in the “Security” settings it says that the phone is encrypted. Does anyone know what is happening, or is it just that they removed the requirement for the password before you get to the lock screen on start up after being turned off?



If you have recently paired a bluetooth device with your phone…it may have activated the Smart Lock feature. When you are in the vicinity of that bluetooth device…your phone will display an open lock at the bottom of the screen and it doesn’t require a password to come out of the lock screen.

If you long press on the open lock it will force the phone in lock mode.

You can change this behavior by going to
Settings -> Security -> Smart Lock



I know about the smart lock on the phone, but I am talking about the encryption of the phone’s data and the lock screen it used to show. I had to open that lock screen before I could even get to the home lock screen. Now it just goes straight to the home unlock screen when I turn it on.



ok, sorry I misunderstood your question. Maybe, folks with more experience with encrypting their phones will chime in.



No problem. It changed for some reason and I don’t really know why.



My phones are encrypted, but I have no idea what additional screen you are talking about. The only time there is an additional screen is at the inial start-up of the phone after a full restart, or after being shutoff. After that, there’s no difference.



That is the screen I am talking about. When I first encrypted the phone, that screen came on every time I turned the phone off and back on. Recently, that screen has not come up when I restart the phone, and I am trying to find out why that has happened.



If you go to: Settings then security then screen lock and enter your PIN then select PIN, do youl see Secure start-up ( Require PIN to start device) as a choice there? If so, is it turned on?



That was not enabled, but it is now, and that solved the issue. It must have got reset when I updated it or something. Thanks for all the help!


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